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“Self love, for all sizes”

On my recent visit to Melbourne for some secret squirrel filming, Jade and I had the opportunity to have our first 2018 strategy and planning meeting down south.
In reviewing our services we got talking about our Wardrobe Makeover package. At STYLED BY JADE we pride ourselves on styling “real” women.
A common theme we have noticed in our Wardrobe Makeovers is the size ranges women have in their wardrobes. It is not uncommon for women to put on a few kilos as we head into our 30s, 40s, 50s and onwards. Jade and I feel most passionate about “embracing where you are NOW”.
Like most of us, if your weight gain is something you are not entirely happy about, seeing clothes that no longer fit can cause negative feelings making you feel guilty every time you look into your wardrobe. We advise you to box up those skinny clothes and put them out of sight for NOW.
Jade and I feel strongly about only keeping clothes in your wardrobe that fit you right NOW. Creating a streamlined minimalist wardrobe that fits you NOW will save you time and reduce the stress of staring into your wardrobe full of clothes and feeling like you’ve got absolutely nothing to wear.
Take action NOW ladies. Clothes and how they look and make you feel play a huge role in how you value yourself.
Nicole xo


  1. Hi,
    My sister in law recently lost a lot of weight and is looking fab! She is turning 40 and I was thinking some personal styling could be a bit of fun for her as a bday gift. Can I ask what you charge…


    1. Hi Anna,

      Thank you for reaching out… What a fantastic gift idea for your sister in law… I’m sure she will really benefit with a new wardrobe, after losing weight.

      The Personal Styling we provide is divided into two services, a Wardrobe Makeover and a Personal Shopping day. I have enclosed a link to our services page, which gives you a little more information on both and cost.


      However please don’t hesitate to contact me direct if needed.

      Regards Jade

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