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I KNOW I KNOW!! This subject is quite a personal one, but I want to open it up for discussion.

I have so many clients, male and female who deal with either being too hairy, sick of having to shave/wax or just like the idea of Laser Hair removal, but don’t know much about it.

I personally have been dealing with the subject of hair removal, for most of my life. I am blessed to be half Italian and half Spanish, but the down side is… I’m also blessed with being hairy! I have waxed my lip, arms, legs and bikini line for years…as well as the usual shaving of my arms bits and legs! And lets be clear, its a chore and it can be quite expensive! Can you imagine the clothing that I could have purchased with all that money!! lol

I had the pleasure of meeting Danai, the Manager of Laser Clinics in Wollongong Central over a month ago. And we had a quick chat about the services that they provide and the subject of Laser Hair removal, really interested me.

Laser Clinics Wollongong

So after having a free consultation and understanding what the process is… Yes you must let your hair grow out for 4 weeks, especially if you’ve been waxing (I know I know) that’s why I picked Winter lol I started the process today. I must admit, I was really nervous!! I think I was more scared about the not knowing and the chatter of it hurting, feelings of elastic bands flicking your skin ooouuuucccchhhh!! It all got to me and I felt like a little kid, about to give blood!! Mind you… I have numerous tattoos on my body, that I have no problem with getting… go figure!! 🙂
Danai and her team made me feel so comfortable, explained the whole process to me again and discussed the possible side effects, how the machine works and how many treatments I may need.
HOW DID IT GO, YOU ASK? Well I was more nervous that what I needed to be…. it was the expectation of it hurting, that got me so nervous. I had my lip, underarms and bikini done. Did it hurt? NO I wouldn’t say it hurt, but it didn’t tickle either. Most of the time, I didn’t really feel anything, there were times I felt something for a split second and there were a couple of times that I felt a little flick, I guess you could call it. But that was mainly in the more sensitive areas.

I will definitely be going back.. I’m really looking forward to this Summer and not having to worry about shaving and waxing and the whole negative process of dealing with hair removal in general. To be honest, I wish I did it earlier.

I just want to thank the amazing and very professional team at Laser Clinics in Wollongong, for making this journey a positive one.

I would love to hear your hair removal stories x

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6 thoughts on “LASER HAIR REMOVAL | My Journey”

  1. After hearing your story with the Laser Clinics, I have decided I need to go and .get this done too.
    I found one in victoria near me and will be going as soon as I can.
    I can always count on you to give me the best advice on beauty and fashion. Thanks Jade your the best!!!

  2. I had my first few rounds on my underarms 13 years ago in London. Returned to Sydney and had a few more treatments a few years ago and have literally 4 or so hairs there now. I have about 2 rounds on my Bikini and need another to complete. See an awesome girl at Miranda Laser Clinic and couldn’t recommend it more. With the prices cheaper than waxing when on special, it’s awesome and SO great not having to deal with waxing and worrying about what to wear if I’ve not had time to wax!

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