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R U OK? Day is an annual day on September 13th 2018

At STYLED BY JADE & Co we are extremely passionate about supporting R U OK? Day. It is a day dedicated to reminding you to ask family, friends and colleagues R U OK?

Jade and I recently attended a Business Chicks two day event in Melbourne. We listened to an amazing line up of high profile women speaking openly and honestly about their feelings of being out of their depth. Having a constant internal struggle of low self-confidence and a fear of failure.

This particular workshop resonated with both of us. We were surprised that such high achieving, high profile figures feel the same self doubt we do. These feelings are known as Imposter Syndrome. Approximately 70% of adults struggle with it daily preventing them from fully reaching their potential.

Prior to attending this workshop we had no idea how wide this issue spread. We were so grateful these women had the courage to give this rarely discussed issue a voice and create awareness.

As fashion stylists, Jade and I often see clients who are lacking self confidence. We believe there is a direct correlation to looking good and feeling good. Although we are not defined by our appearance, research shows your outfit gives you higher self esteem enabling you to perform at a much higher level in both your personal and professional life.

Every morning, when you are faced with the decision of what to wear, why not maximise the opportunity by making an effort with your clothing selection?

Nicole xo

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