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On Friday 15th August, I had the pleasure of working with a gorgeous woman, as a gift from her children for her 6oth birthday. Colleen contacted me as soon as she had received her voucher, very excited but also very concerned with how it would go.
Colleen had just recently lost quite a fair bit of weight and was now a size 20-22 and was worried I wouldn’t be able to work with her. I said ‘your size is not an issue for me Colleen and we’re going to have a great time together’!

Friday came and Colleen was just beautiful to work with… in just 2.5 hours, we were able to purchase numerous outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, a new leather handbag and some makeup!!! She was having a birthday on Saturday night and wanted to have a new outfit for the night, as well as a new wardrobe!!

Colleen and I spent about 1.5 hours in the change room, trying on various outfits and creating new looks!! What Colleen discovered with my assistance, was that she had great legs and straight leg & skinny jeans looked FANTASTIC on her… she also has a beautiful decolletage and having a lower neckline, elongated her neck and created a beautiful silhouette… and the best part of all!! I was able to get Colleen to try on not size 22 or 20…. but she actually fits into a size 18 and didn’t even realise. She was actually more excited about this part the most I think!!

I hear so many clients say… I’ll contact you once I’ve lost some weight… I don’t feel comfortable at the moment, so I’ll wait when I’ve dropped that 5kgs I have gained…etc etc I personally know what it’s like to have your body completely change, from one size to another… but I also know I still want to look beautiful, sexy and confident!! And it comes from within!! I can dress you in a beautiful outfit and give you a sense of confidence that you may have not had before, but only YOU can LOVE YOU!!

So please don’t put a number on her happiness.. be it a size or what the scales say, choose to be happy no matter what!! x

The beautiful letter I received from Colleen last night… Thank you x


I would really like to thank you for looking after me on Friday.

You made me feel so good about myself, which hasn’t happened for a long time and made my shopping experience soo much better than I have ever experienced.

My family could not believe how I looked so trendy and confident about myself and the girls at work were blown away by my clothes and confidence.

I have told everyone about how great you were and that I have learnt so much.

I will certainly be keeping in touch with you and will send you a photo from my birthday when I get one from my niece.

Once again thankyou.


  1. Brilliant article Jade. I really should take it on board myself. Im not overweight as such and am happy with my size but I am a couple of kilos heavier then before I had children and continually put off buying a new wardrobe of clothes (and Mia is 20 mths now). I should just do it because wearing clothes I dont love makes me more miserable then the couple of kilos does!

  2. Just wonderful reading the above, especially from someone that’s weight has fluctuated a few times over the last year.
    When you are 50 & 80 odd kilos you don’t want to dress like a grandmother in my day !
    You are fabulous and just wish you were in Brissie !
    Cheers Alma

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